A Few More Points Re: Post Ida Recovery

A few quick added points about the lingering effects of the storm:

Though CSW was not directly affected, it did take a few days to take care of personal issues and to re-arrange CSW back into working condition. We had to get items out of water's range, so that meant moving items as quick as we could and it took a few days to rearrange and reassemble our packing areas.

We were not able to ship much from September 2 to 6, due to rearranging and the long holiday weekend.

We did a large shipment of items yesterday and there is another large shipment going out today.

There is a bit of a delivery slowdown, which impacts orders going out, and delivery of key items that we need to ship, like boxes and packing material. Boxes are at a premium so we're shipping in a motley collection of boxes with other logos on them (Staples, for example, since our normal "generic" box provider has been unable to ship our traditional 6"x6"x6" box since last week).

But as of today, September 8, one week later, it looks like all systems are go.

A quick check shows that many of the delayed packages from the September 1st post office delivery are at very least trackable via USPS.com and most are being delivered by the weekend.

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