DECEMBER 10, 2020...

DECEMBER 10, 2020...

Let's start with the ending of the story - December 10, 2020 was the busiest day in ClassicSelect World's history. We received more orders and more income than any other day in our history. 

We also did more business between December 6 and December 12, 2020 than we did in January, February, March, April, May or June 2020. (individually, not together). 

On December 11th we ran out of shipping boxes, printer paper, mailing labels, envelopes and packing tape. Luckily we were able to restock - but not before a few choice words for our suppliers who pushed our restocking orders back to Dec 17. (Items were delivered the next day!)

My very deep gratitude for your support of our store - all year long. 

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