Taking into consideration the new reality that we're seeing regarding our shipments, we've decided to offer our customers a chance to use faster delivery options if you wish. 

In the past, we've simply offered a flat fee based on the amount of your purchase. And we shipped most of our packages using USPS Media Mail. 

We now offer you three options to ship your packages:

  • Our standard flat fee based on the amount of your purchase, and those packages will ship using USPS Media Mail, a special mail type specifically for CDs, books, DVDs and other reproduced media
  • The exact amount of first class postage - this will be good for all orders that will ultimately weigh less than one pound. A standard CD weighs about 4 ounces. We don't put the weight of our packages on our product pages, but we may start.
  • The exact amount of Priority Mail postage 

For the options not using our flat fee option, there's a small handling fee. 

These new options really benefit our customers who order one or two single CDs at a time, or a small boxed set. They will see orders arrive faster at a slightly decreased cost. 

All orders still over $40 will receive free shipping, but customers will now be able to add Priority Mail options if they wish an item to arrive sooner. 

To find where you can change the shipping options, just click on this pull down menu on the checkout page:


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