Almost all of the orders shipped during the "lost week" of March 30-April 2 are now accounted for. There are a few orders still showing as not having left, and almost all of those orders were meant for customers living in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. Other customers who had orders shipped during that week might get jealous of your orders - they went to far off locations, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Des Moines, Atlanta and Chicago - often thousands of miles away from their destinations. But we salute the USPS employees who are working under difficult conditions.

For the time being, we are changing our US shipping rates (again).

We have noticed that our standard shipping type, Media Mail, is just not moving at all through the USPS system.

So we are changing our shipping policies for orders sent to a US address.

Starting April 18, every order, regardless of the amount spent, is now being charged a $5 fee.

However, we are upgrading and shipping all items either First Class (if the order is less than one pound) or Priority Mail (all orders over one pound).

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