Our e-commerce "backbone," a company named Shopify, offers us a full service option, including handling postage for all our orders. Since we opened, we have used the USPS almost exclusively for domestic packages. In the past few weeks, Shopify has provided us with great incentive pricing to begin to use UPS as one of our shipping options. 

So some packages, starting November 10, 2020, will be shipped via UPS. Right now, these will be packages of a larger size. For example, any orders of the Bach 333 will be shipped via UPS. They claim that most of the country can be covered in 2-3 business days - and we'll be watching. 

Nothing will change - you'll still receive updates when a package is shipped, and an update email or text when the package is scheduled for delivery and when it is delivered. Those communications are administered automatically by our software, and will happen regardless of the shipping company we use.

Of course, this won't change our cost to you. We still charge a $5 shipping fee, which we started during the early days of the pandemic because our former option, Media Mail, was considerable unsteady and packages were taking one month to deliver. Now we use Priority and First Class USPS, and we are very pleased with the result and we've received no complaints from our customers. We MAY begin offering free shipping again - but it does create significant worry, as packages are still taking at least 2 weeks (we send ourselves test packages) to arrive via Media Mail. 

If you have a preference, please let us know by leaving a "note" on your order. Of course, if you have a PO box, we'll only be using US Postal Service. 

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