Hello – my apologies in reaching out nearly a month after your order was placed. We started our Midsummer Madness campaign with a sale on EuroArts DVD and Blu-ray titles. In looking at the items, we thought we had received the items but discovered that only PAL versions had been sent, which, except in very specific instances, will not run on DVD players in the United States. We immediately attempted to receive the correct items, and it has been a longer than expect wait. However, we are now ready to begin shipping these items. We anticipate that all orders that contain EuroArts DVDs and Blu-rays will be shipped by Friday, August 27.

We will be refunding you for the shipping for these orders, and upgrading your shipping choice to Priority Mail, so you should be receiving your orders by September 1st or 2nd.

We are also send you a special coupon code via email that will allow you to save 25% on any purchase of any DVD or Blu-ray in our Midsummer Madness DVD Clearance sale through September 10, 2021. This coupon can be used once, and it includes all titles offered and in stock.

Again, my apologies that we didn’t clear this up sooner. Thank you for your continued visits to our store.


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