UPDATE: Sales on "German Courts and Residences" Boxed Set

Thanks to everyone - that's an odd way to start an apology blog post, but that's what it's like around here right now. 

Just to cut to the lead story - yes, we are sold out of the German Courts and Residences boxed set. This time we sold out in about 44 hours, a 100% increase over the last time, when we sold out in 22 hours. And in both sales, I honestly thought we had bought enough to last us for a month. 

Thanks for understanding about the price - we may have to look at all of our very popular 10 CD sets, as we get them from a warehouse in the Czech Republic and I'm guessing we're going to be paying more from now until whenever. If we don't we'll let you know. 

We'll keep you informed of when we're getting the title in again. I'm guessing three weeks or so, depending on the state of the world. 

The other thanks is for helping drive business to a new level - this weekend surpassed the best three day string we've ever had. As of right now, every other title we promoted is in stock, but we are running low on the Marcelle Meyer boxed set and the Mendelssohn complete organ works (told you that would happen). And for the fourth time in three months, we're sold out of Famous Organ Works of Europe - you'll be pushing that title to gold record status soon. I mean...I'm thrilled we seem now to have every organist and church choir director in the US as customers!

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