Welcome to ClassicSelect World!

Thank you for coming to ClassicSelect World. 

ClassicSelect World has been created to offer customers a chance to buy CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays at great prices - worldwide. Our home office is in London, but we also have an office in the United States. 

Some quick housekeeping details:

1. Any issues regarding ClassicSelect must be referred to orders@classicselect.com or questions@classicselect.com. ClassicSelect is not associated with ClassicSelect World, and issues pertaining to ClassicSelect will be handled, but must be handled via the ClassicSelect service team. 

2. As of our opening, we have approximately 600 items available in our store. These titles are offered because we can offer you the best prices anywhere. We will be adding more, and we expect to offer over 1500 titles at the best prices you'll find anywhere, as well as a series of new releases and other titles that will be available via our Concierge service - we're not ready to completely announce that service yet, but we think you'll like it when we do announce it. We'll be combining personal shopping for a range of classical music recordings worldwide. 

3. Digital titles will be added to a separate site within a month. 

4. We are not currently accepting Amazon Pay as a payment option, but we plan to add it by the end of March. 

If you have any thoughts you'd like to share, please email me at greg@classicselectworld.com. 

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