• Great Music from Alto

    One of the world's most respected curators of classical music on CD, the Alto label has brought together high standards for sound quality, packaging elements like full liner notes and special customer-friendly pricing.

  • One BIG Box of Music

    Is there a better way to get an instant collection of music? Is there a better bargain anywhere? Probably not. So click on our initial set of offers below and we'll send them on to you right away!

  • ...And A Great Carriage Offer

    Buy one, buy two...even if you buy all seven at once all you'll pay is one low shipping price. £3.50 covers the price for shipping any bundle order direct to your doorstep!

As of August 5, 2023, this offer is ONLY good for UK customers of ClassicSelect World. But we're working hard to make it available to everyone in the near future!