This really isn't a blog with many tips on how to watch DVDs, or how to set up your speakers to get the best 5.1's a blog entry about how to read the pages we've created for the hundreds of DVDs that we'll be putting on sale in our Midsummer Madness Clearance. 

1. We use the term Blu-Ray for the purposes of this sale to refer to Blu-Ray Video. There is a Blu-Ray Audio format, and these discs are all have visual content, and are not simply audio mixed and presented in a high range. We do sell those items, but this sale only presents visual discs. Also, sometimes Blu-Ray discs are referred to as "Multi-Format" and we use that term as well, but mostly we refer to the discs as DVD or Blu-Ray Video.

2. There's much more information to relay to a customer when presenting a DVD. We've tried with the 200 releases to present as complete a listing as we can. In some cases, these titles are long out of print and even the EuroArts web site and catalogs have no information. But in most cases we are able to provide a back cover - which you can enlarge by simply putting your cursor over the small version on any product page - right below the large cover, and the back cover will expand to be almost as large as the original packaging, in some cases. 

3. We've also put information like Region Codes, sound formats like 5.1 Dolby Surround and subtitle information as usually these are adjustable if you know how to use your DVD player fairly well. 

4. Please pay attention to Blu-Ray versions versus DVD versions - we have very limited stock of many of these titles and if you buy the wrong one and you want an exchange, there is a very strong possibility that we'll be sold out. Of course, if you buy a Blu-Ray and you don't have a Blu-Ray player, then we'll take it back as long as you haven't opened it. 

If you have any other questions, just email us at 

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