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SUNI PAZ: Alerta Sings and Songs for the Playground / Canciones Para el Recreo

SUNI PAZ: Alerta Sings and Songs for the Playground / Canciones Para el Recreo


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Suni Paz has devoted her career to opening children’s minds to new languages and new sounds through music. This release includes two of her acclaimed Folkways children’s recordings. ALERTA Sings presents easy-to-learn songs from Latin America and the Caribbean. Canciones para el recreo presents fun songs from Argentina and Chile. Suni is accompanied by children singing and a number of musicians playing Latin American instruments, includng guitar, charango, bombo, cuatro, and afuche. 20-page booklet, lyrics in English and Spanish, 63 minutes.

Suni Paz ha dedicado su carrera a abrir las mentes de los niños a nuevos idiomas y nuevos sonidos a través de la música. Esta obra incluye dos de sus aclamadas grabaciones de música infantil para el sello Folkways. Alerta Signs presenta canciones caribeñas y latinoamericanas muy fáciles de aprender. Canciones para el recreo presenta, por su parte, entretenidas canciones de Argentina y Chile. Suni es acompañada por niños cantando y por algunos músicos que tocan instrumentos comunes en Latinoamérica como la guitarra, el charango, el bombo, el cuatro y el afuche. Cuadernillo de 20 páginas, letras en inglés y en español, 63 minutes.

1 The Neighbors
2 Sweet Orange
3 I Have a Doll
4 Little David
5 Dis Lang Time Gal
6 Pizza, Pizza, Daddy-O
7 Saint Sereni
8 Walking, Walking/Cakes, Cakes
9 Heal, Heal/Pon, Pon
10 Brown Girl in the Ring
11 Willoughby
12 Room for Rent/Cinderella
13 Mambru
14 To the Lemon
15 El Coqui
16 The Frog
17 Noah
18 Head to Shoulders
19 Little Sally Walker
20 Let It Rain!
21 The Polka-Dotted Bird
22 The Numbers
23 The Small Hand
24 The Little Animals
25 Walk Together, Children
26 Hush, Little Baby
27 Punchinella
28 A Sailor Went to Sea
29 Jump the Wooden Beam
30 Matarile
31 Circle Round
32 In the Morning
33 Kitty Carlota
34 The Chicks Cry, Cry, Cry
35 Tree Fruit
36 Boy of Lares
37 The Eagle and the Dove
38 Cocoroco
39 I Have Two Mountain Goats
40 Song for Tea Time
41 Dance of My School
42 When I Am Sad
43 River of Butterflies
44 The Little Mouse

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