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Although there is debate among musicologists and banjo players as to who "invented" the three-finger style of five-string banjo playing, there is no disagreement that the style was popularized by Earl Scruggs in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The three-finger style enabled banjo players to play harmony and to solo on bluegrass tunes and songs. This 1957 release assembles examples of the three-finger style by bluegrass banjo players including Scruggs' older brother Junie and Snuffy Jenkins, who may have had an influence on the style as well. This vinyl reissue is part of Folkways Records' 70th anniversary celebration series, revisiting some of the most iconic and influential albums released on the record label, continuing with Pete Seeger and Dock Boggs. Remastered from original LP master tapes in 1966 and presented in classic Folkways style tip-on jackets featuring original liner notes.

1 Cacklin Hen Joe Stuart 0:54
2 John Henry Snuffy Jenkins 1:11
3 Lonesome Blues Snuffy Jenkins 1:17
4 Big Eared Mule Snuffy Jenkins 1:12
5 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Snuffy Jenkins 1:29
6 Spanish Fandango Oren Jenkins 1:26
7 Cripple Creek Oren Jenkins 1:22
8 Shout Lula Oren Jenkins 1:23
9 Down the Road Oren Jenkins 1:15
10 Old Hen She Cackled Oren Jenkins 1:10
11 Sally Goodin - Sally Ann Junie Scruggs and Mike Seeger 1:44
12 Wildwood Flower Eugene Cox and Roni Stoneman 1:39
13 Lonesome Road Blues Eugene Cox and Roni Stoneman 1:16
14 Don't Let Your Deal Go Down J.C. Sutphin, Hazel Dickens, and Mike Seeger 1:14
15 I Don't Love Nobody J.C. Sutphin, Bob Shanklin, and Hazel Dickens 1:35
16 Little Maggie Larry Richardson 1:18
17 Sunny South Larry Richardson 1:21
18 Buckin' Mule Larry Richardson 1:24
19 Turkey in the Straw Song By Don Bryant and Pete Kuykendall 1:01
20 Jenny Lynn Song By Don Bryant and Pete Kuykendall 0:54
21 Pig in a Pen Smiley Hobbs 1:16
22 Train 45 Smiley Hobbs 2:25
23 Rosewood Casket Smiley Hobbs 1:31
24 Cotton Eyed Joe Smiley Hobbs 1:46
25 Irish Washerwoman Mike Seeger and Pete Kuykendall 1:03
26 Cindy Dick Rittler, Bob Baker, and Hazel Dickens 1:48
27 Ruben's Train Kenny Miller and Mike Seeger 2:01
28 Please Come Back Little Pal Kenny Miller 1:05
29 Pretty Polly Mike Seeger and Bob Baker 4:02
30 Ground Hog Mike Seeger and Bob Baker 1:40
31 Jesse James - Hard, Ain't It Hard Eric Weissberg, Mike Seeger, and Ralph Rinzler 4:02

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