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Amusette Douce: Naderman on Naderman - Masumi Nagasawa, harp

Amusette Douce: Naderman on Naderman - Masumi Nagasawa, harp

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François-Joseph Naderman was the son of the well-known 18th century harp builder Jean-Henri Naderman. François-Joseph grew up to be not only a brilliant harpist but also an active tutor, composer, publisher and (single-action pedal) harp builder. François-Joseph lived in one of the revolutionary, transitional period in the history of the harps. He was appointed as the first harp professor in the École Royale Conservatoire de Paris. The most known pieces by Naderman are these seven sonatas, which are clear examples of the music written for the single–action pedal harp. Although the musical style of these pieces still refers to the Ancien Régime, there is a clear approach towards romanticism. The demand of more rubato playing is gradually built up through the sonatas. The playfulness and sentiment are essential in his music. Naderman pieces are often perceived as very simple and easy pieces, yet to bring out his spirit and brilliance one must accomplish a flexible virtuosity. The magic of his music may reveal itself when you let your fingers dance on the strings without any force and make the harp sing tenderly in the sentiment of each piece. Masumi Nagasawa performs on Modern Grand Harp, 18th – 19th century historical harps, Irish Harp and Japanese Ancient Harp (Kugo). She studied with Phia Berghout and Mara Galassi. In 1990, she received the Muramatsu Music Prize Grand Prix Japan. Masumi has given recitals in many international concert halls such as in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Rome, Washington D.C. and Brussels. She has been a soloist with the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra, the St. John’s College Choir Cambridge, and also together with Dame Kiri te Kanawa and Cecilia Bartoli.

1 Prélude / Allegro moderato-Allegro maestoso 04:03

2 Tempo di Minuetto (Grazioso), Trio (Piu Allegro elegant 04:13

Sonatina no.VI D minor
3 Prélude / Allegro-Allegro disperato 04:06

4 Rondoletto Allegretto elegante (Reminizenza) 02:40

Etude Fantastique F major
5 Allegretto ma non troppo innocente, Lento, Allegro assai, Piu lento, Allegro moderato, A tempo primo, Allegretto, Allegro moderato, Allegro, Piu lento, Même mouvement 06:57

Sonatina no.II C minor
6 Prélude / Allegro irresoluto-Allegro maestoso 03:08

7 Toccata (Allegretto) 01:38

Sonatina no.I E flat major
8 Prélude / Allegro-Allegro moderato 03:27

9 Rondoletto (Allegretto) 01:57

Sonatina no.VII C major
10 Prélude / Allegro irresoluto-Allegro brillante poco moderato (Fieramente) 06:17

11 Rondoletto (Allegretto reminizenza) 02:50

Etude Fantastique B flat major
12 Allegro, Allegretto ma non troppo, Lento, Allegretto assai, Lento, Allegro, Allegro tempo primo 08:48

Sonatina no.IV G minor
13 Prélude / Allegro fieramente-Allegro moderato 03:02

14 Ecossaise Rondoletto (Allegretto con sentimento 03:11

Sonatina no.III B flat major
15 Prélude / Allegro-Allegro moderato fieramente 02:49

16 Andantino con spirito (Grazioso 03:01

17 Anglaise Rondoletto (Allegretto 01:50

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