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APPEAR & INSPIRE - Robert Shaw, The Robert Shaw Singers

APPEAR & INSPIRE - Robert Shaw, The Robert Shaw Singers

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Hymn To St. Cecilia, Op. 27
Benjamin Britten
1 I. In A Garden Shady 3:01
2 II. I Cannot Grow 2:10
3 III. O Ear Whose Creatures Cannot Wish To Fall 8:26

Trois Chansons
Claude Debussy
4 I. Dieu! Qu'il La Fait Bon Regarder! 2:24
5 II. Quant J'ai Ouy Le Tabourin 2:24
6 III. Yver, Vous N'estes Qu'un Villain 1:58

Trois Chansons
Maurice Ravel
7 I. Nicolette 2:12
8 II. Trois Beaux Oiseaux Du Paradis 3:43
9 III. Ronde 1:59

Un Soir De Neige
Francis Poulenc
10 I. De Grandes Cuillers De Neige 1:21
11 II. La Bonne Neige 1:31
12 III. Bois Meurtri 2:36
13 IV. La Nuit, Le Froid, La Solitude 1:10

Trois Chansons Bretonnes
Henk Badings
14 I. La Nuit En Mer 3:11
15 II. La Complainte Des Âmes 3:11
16 Soir D'été 2:32

I Hate And I Love
Dominick Argento
17 I. I Hate And I Love 1:54
18 II. Let Us Live, My Clodia, And Let Us Love 3:09
19 III. Greetings, Miss, With Nose Not Small 0:52
20 IV. My Woman Says She Will Be No One's 0:50
21 V. Was It A Lioness From The Mountains Of Libya 1:42
22 VI. You Promise Me, My Dearest Life 3:12
23 VII. Wretched Catullus, Put An End To This Madness 3:59
24 VIII. I Hate And I Love 1:57

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