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Atacama: Symphony No.3 - Bradyworks; Vivavoce

Atacama: Symphony No.3 - Bradyworks; Vivavoce


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Atacama Symphony No. 3 is a new work by Montreal-born composer Tim Brady performed by Bradyworks, VivaVoce Vocal Ensemble, and the composer himself at the electric guitar. The composer’s initial inspiration for the piece was a book of poems by Chilean-born poet Elías Letelier – a text that evokes “the political terror of the Pinochet era in Chile, but uses striking metaphors of hope and love in the midst of the nightmare of torture and disappearances,” says Brady.

Tim Brady has worked as a composer, guitarist, and producer of new music since 1980. He has written more than 100 works including operas, symphonies, and many compositions for electric guitar. Brady is currently the composer-in-residence with the Orchestre symphonique de Laval and president of the Canadian New Music Network.

1. Atacama : Symphonie no 3 | I Sonata di Pintor | Tim Brady

2. Atacama : Symphonie no 3 | II El Baile de la Red | Tim Brady

3. Atacama : Symphonie no 3 | III Funeral Descalzo | Tim Brady

4. Atacama : Symphonie no 3 | IV Telegrama | Tim Brady

5. Atacama : Symphonie no 3 | V Atacama | Tim Brady

6. Atacama : Symphonie no 3 | VI “Where are you from?” Primer Nocturno, Que Alguien Escuche | Tim Brady

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