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Stanley Clarke Band - The Stanley Clarke Band

Stanley Clarke Band - The Stanley Clarke Band


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Bass virtuoso Stanley Clarke is best known as a key component of Return To Forever the legendary fusion band that made a triumphant worldwide reunion tour in 2008.

'The Stanley Clarke Band' emphasises his phenomenal electric bass playing and is akin to his influential solo recordings 'Journey to Love' and 'Schooldays', albums which astounded both jazz and rock fans in the 1970's.

Also featured is dynamic pianist Hiromi who performed on Clarke's previous Heads Up CD, the acclaimed 'Jazz in the Garden'.

In a new foray for the bassist, the album also includes original compositions from other members of his group including Stanley Clarke Band keyboardist Ruslan Sirota and the new rising star of the drums, Ronald Bruner, Jr.

- two musicians who have been performing and recording with him for the better part of five years.

Among the additional players in the album's supporting cast are vocalist Cheryl Bentyne (a longtime member of The Manhattan Transfer); guitarists Charles Altura, Rob Bacon, and Armand Sabal-Lecco; saxophonist Bob Sheppard; bass synthesizer Lorenzo "Larry" Dunn (of Earth, Wind & Fire fame); keyboardist Felton Pilate; horn players Andrew Lippman and John Papenbrook; and drum programmers Chris Clarke and Jon Hakakian.

1. Soldier
2. Fulani
3. Here's Why Tears Dry
4. I Wanna Play for You Too
5. Bass Folk Song No. 10
6. No Mystery
7. How Is the Weather Up There?
8. Larry Has Traveled 11 Miles and Waited a Lifetime for the Return of Vishnu's Report
9. Labyrinth
10. Sonny Rollins

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