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English Country Dances (from Playford's Dancing Master): The Broadside Band

English Country Dances (from Playford's Dancing Master): The Broadside Band


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The Broadside Band recreate the excitement and colour of the country dance of yesteryear with spirited performances of these quintessentially English tunes gleaned from the 17th century publications of John Playford. Suitable for listening or dancing Playford style.

1 1st Edition 1651: Cuckolds All a Row [Once Through Tune]
2 1st Edition 1651: Shepheards Holyday or Labour in Vaine [Chord]
3 1st Edition 1651: Newcastle [Regal Drone]
4 1st Edition 1651: The Beggar Boy [Chord]
5 1st Edition 1651: Picking of Sticks [Upbeat]
6 1st Edition 1651: Faine I Would If I Could or Pathenia [Chord]
7 1st Edition 1651: Gathering Peascods [Chord]
8 1st Edition 1651: The Night-Peece or the Shaking of the Sheets [Hurdy-]
9 3rd Edition 1657: Chelsey Reach or Buckingham-House [Chord]
10 4th Edition 1670: Jameko [Drum Beats (Two Bars)]
11 4th Edition 1670: Epping Forest [Chord]
12 6th Edition (Supplement) 1679: Well-Hal [Upbeat]
13 7th Edition 1686: The Fits Come on Me Now or the Bishop of
14 7th Edition (Supplement) 1687: Mad Robin [Recorder Solo (4 Bars)]
15 9th Edition 1695: Red-House [Chord]
16 9th Edition 1695: Mr. Beveridge's Magot [Once Through Tune]
17 Part II 1696 (Supplement to 9th Edition): The Geud Man of Ballangigh
18 11th Edition 1701: Childgrove [Chord]
19 11th Edition 1701: Wooly and Georgey [Two Violin Chords]
20 11th Edition 1701: Portsmouth [Chord]
21 11th Edition 1701: White-Hall Minuett [Once Through Tune]
22 12th Edition: Bloomsberry Market [Upbeat]

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