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L'ESTRO VIVALDIANO: Venetian Composers and Their Mutual Influences - Mensa Sonora

L'ESTRO VIVALDIANO: Venetian Composers and Their Mutual Influences - Mensa Sonora


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Vivaldi still dominates the picture of Venetian musical life, even though there were almost equal contemporaries there. Among them are currently hardly common names like Giorgio Gentili or Johann Friedrich Schreyvogel. Mensa Sonora gives the works of these composers a new platform on their recording and also an insight into the music culture of the Serenissima beyond the paths of the 'red priest'. Mensa Sonora, an early music ensemble founded in Deux-Sèvres by Jean Maillet, it's musical director for 25 years, set out to introduce the public to forgotten composers and their unknown or unpublished works. Since 2015, Gabriel Grosbard and Matthieu Boutineau, both from Niort and both musicians working in the biggest French ensembles, are the new artistic directors of this ensemble. Armed with the history of Mensa Sonora, which has been performing since 1989, and their experience gained, especially within the ensemble, they are keen to continue this research work, while continuing the task of bringing ancient to all audiences.

 Albinoni, Tomaso
Sinfonia a 4 in A major

Bicajo, Padre
Concerto for violin and organ in G minor

Gentili, Giorgio
Concerti da Camera in D minor, op.2 no.11
Concerto in A minor, op.6 no.6
Concerto in B flat major, op.6 no.8

Schreyfogel, Johann Friedrich
Violin Concerto in D minor

Torelli, Giuseppe
Concerto 'Etienne Roger' in G minor (Vivaldi?)

Vivaldi, Antonio
Concerto for Strings in A major, RV160
Sinfonia in B minor, R169 'al Santo Sepolcro'

Ziani, Marc Antonio
Sinfonia del Sepolchro in C minor

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