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PETER PHILLIPS: Harpsichord Music - Anneke Uttenbosch, Joop Klinkhamer

PETER PHILLIPS: Harpsichord Music - Anneke Uttenbosch, Joop Klinkhamer

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Composer(s): Peter Philips (1560/1-1628)

Artist(s): Anneke Uittenbosch, Joop Klinkhamer

Anneke Uittenbosch: harpsichord Joop Kinkhamer: Flemish harpsichord Joop Klinkhamer: French keyboard harpsichord after 17th century models

Thanks to Anneke Uittenbosch, we can now enjoy this very colourful music, with harmonies that are sometimes very surprising to an ear trained for well established tonality … Anneke Uittenbosch’s playing is supple and luminous and has this great liberty for phrasing which should satisfy the most sophisticated musical desires. Le Monde de la Musique

Harpsichord Music
1 Pavava & Galiarda Dolorosa 10:37

2 Amarilli (Di Julio Romano) 04:43
Joop Klinkhamer

3 Fantasia in G Major 09:16

4 Pavana 03:37

5 Fantasia in F Major 05:26

6 Passamezzo Pavava & Galiarda 12:59 

Joop Klinkhamer

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