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MOZART: Mellow Mozart - Seow/Margalit/Ambache

MOZART: Mellow Mozart - Seow/Margalit/Ambache


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1. Concerto for Piano no 21 in C major, K 467: 2nd movement, Andante
2. Sonata for Piano no 5 in G major, K 283 (189h): 2nd movement, Andante
3. Symphony no 39 in E flat major, K 543: 2nd mvt, Andante con moto
4. Concerto for Piano no 17 in G major, K 453: 2nd movement, Andante
5. Sonata for Piano no 10 in C major, K 330 (300h): 2nd movement, Andante cantabile
6. Symphony no 38 in D major, K 504 "Prague": 2nd movement, Andante
7. Concerto for Piano no 19 in F major, K 459: 2nd movement, Allegretto
8. Sonata for Piano no 1 in C major, K 279 (189d): 2nd movement, Andante
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