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Dust Busters with John Cohen: OLD MAN BELOW

Dust Busters with John Cohen: OLD MAN BELOW


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On Old Man Below, The Dust Busters point the way for a new generation of old-time music devotees. Standing squarely in the lineage of the New Lost City Ramblers, their reverence for tradition runs deep while their interpretations bring fresh meaning and a sense that their music is as contemporary as any other. Dust Busters mentor and Ramblers elder John Cohen joins Eli Smith, Walker Shepard, and Craig Judelman in this solidly grounded, future-looking album of classic melodies that makes the legacy of yesterday the sound of today. 60 minutes, 36-page booklet with photos and extensive notes.

1 The Honest Farmer
2 Arkansas Traveler
3 Black Jack Daisy
4 Roving Gambler
5 The Old Man Below
6 Wimbush Rag
7 Because He Loved Her So
8 Barnyard Medley
9 Waltz of Roses
10 Cotton Pickers Drag
11 Combination Rag
12 A Lazy Farmer Boy
13 Free Little Bird
14 Arthritis Blues
15 Fort Smith Breakdown
16 Johnny Booker
17 Two Soldiers
18 Baby, Your Time Ain't Long
19 Yellow Rose of Texas
20 Saturday Night Waltz

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