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Pérotin and the Ars Antiqua: The Hilliard Ensemble (Live)

Pérotin and the Ars Antiqua: The Hilliard Ensemble (Live)


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Diapason d'Or Winner, May 2007

In all the excitement and immediacy of live performance the world-famous Hilliard Ensemble here displays the complex musical style of the Notre Dame school of around 1200 AD. They contrast this Parisian form with contemporary examples from south-western France and England. Throughout the experience is compelling and other-worldly; it will fascinate those who have never before heard such music.

The Hilliard Ensemble is one of the world's finest vocal chamber groups, and is probably unrivalled for its formidable reputation in the fields of both early and new music. This series was only previously available direct from the group but has never before been fully available at international retail.

The Hilliard Ensemble:
David James countertenor
Rogers Covey-Crump tenor
John Potter tenor
Gordon Jones baritone

Anon. (C13th)
1. Vetus abit littera

Anon. (C13th)
2. Deus misertus hominis

Anon. (C13th)
3. Veni creator spiritus

Pérotin (fl. c.1200)
4. Viderunt omnes

Léonin (fl.1150s—d.1201?)
5. Gloria: redemptori meo

Anon. (C13th)
6. Haec dies

Anon. (C13th)
7. Stirps lesse

Anon. (C12th)
8. Mundus vergens

Anon. (C13th)
9. Procurans odium

Anon. / Pérotin
10. Alleluia. Nativitas

Chant (C13th)
11. Christus surrexit

12. Sederunt principes

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