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Samazeuilh: Piano Works - Stéphane Lemelin

Samazeuilh: Piano Works - Stéphane Lemelin


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Mysteriously missing from the repertoire of performers a few decades ago, Gustave Samazeuilh left behind an interesting piano work to which Stéphane Lemelin has dedicated this disc. A pupil of Ernest Chausson until the latter's death, Samazeuilh entered the Schola Cantorum in 1900 where until 1906 he was a pupil of Vincent D'Indy and Paul Dukas. Although he remained faithful to the discipline of writing acquired at this school, Samazeuilh's style is strongly influenced by Debussy and escapes the academic rigor that often characterizes the work of D'Indy's disciples.

1. Prélude

2. Clair de lune au large

3. Tempête et lever du jour sur les flots

4. Prélude

5. Française

6. Sarabande

7. Divertissement

8. Musette

9. Forlane

10. à 2 parties

11. à 3 parties

12. à 4 parties

13. Naïades au soir…

14. Dédicace

15. Luciole…

16. Sérénade (pour la main gauche seule)

17. Souvenir…(pour la main droite seule)

18. Évocation

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