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Doucet Cajun Band: Two-Step d'Amédé Savoy

Doucet Cajun Band: Two-Step d'Amédé Savoy


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The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band is composed of three giants in Cajun music: Michael Doucet, Marc Savoy, and Ann Savoy. In 1988, the three came together to record this collection of classic Cajun dance music. Two-Step d’Amédé portrays the energy and joy one can see at parties and dance halls throughout southwest Louisiana. Although members are adept on different instruments, for this recording Marc plays accordion, Michael plays violin, and Ann plays guitar and sings. The liner notes provide information about each composition and song lyrics in Cajun French and English.

1 Two Step D'amede
2 La Valse de Marie
3 Quitte la Maison
4 J'aimerais Connaitre (I'd Like to Know)
5 La Danse de Limonade
6 The Kaplan Waltz
7 Ton Papa M'a Jete Dehors
8 Good-Bye Brown Eyes
9 Lapin Dans Son Nique
10 Pretty Rosey Cheeks
11 Diggy Liggy Lo
12 Flammes D'enfer
13 Pine Grove Blues (La Negress)
14 La Queue de Tortue

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