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ALBINI: Musica Sacra

ALBINI: Musica Sacra


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Albini: Musica Sacra

15.19 ensemble & Il Giardino delle Muse & Coro della Facoltà di Musicologia, Cremona, Ingrid Pustijanac

Giovanni Albini is a fascinating figure in contemporary art, as he developed a unique and personal composition technique in which the course of music is designed by mathematical patterns (Albini is a mathematician as well as a composer). That this doesn’t lead to theoretical and dry structures is proven by his sacred music on this CD, which is alive with emotional tension and powerful drama.

Performed with devotion and commitment by Italian modern music ensembles, directed by the composer.

Albini: Missa Prima for choir
Albini: Pange lingua for choir
Albini: Preghiera for recorder trio
Albini: Testamento Spirituale for wind quartet

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