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Pete Seeger: American Folk Anthology (3 CDs)

Pete Seeger: American Folk Anthology (3 CDs)


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CD 1: American Ballads

1. Pretty Polly
2. The Three Butchers
3. John Henry
4. The Titanic Disaster
5. Fair Margaret And Sweet William
6. John Hardy
7. The Golden Vanity
8. Gypsy Davy
9. The Farmer’s Curst Wife
10.Down In Carlisle
11.St. James Hospital
12.Jesse James
13.Barbara Allen

Bonus Tracks:

14. Sioux Indians
15. Texian Boys
16. Hold The Fort
17. Groud Hog
18. The Derby Ram

CD 2: American Favourite Ballads

1. Down In The Valley
2. Mary Don’t You Weep
3. The Blue Tail Fly
4. Yankee Doodle
5. Cielito Lindo
6. Wabash Cannonball
7. So Long, It’s Been Good To Know You
8. Skip To My Lou
9. The Wagoner’s Lad
10.The Wreck Of The Old ’97
11.Old Dan Tucker
12.I Ride An Old Paint
13.Frankie and Johnnie
14.On Top Of Old Smokey
15.The Big Rock Candy Mountain
16.Home On The Range

Bonus Tracks:

17. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
18. She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain

CD 3: American Industrial Ballads

1. Peg And Awl
2. The Blind Fiddler
3. Buffalo Skinners
4. Eight Hour Day
5. Hard Times In The Mill
6. Roll Down The Line
7. Hayseed Like Me
8. The Farmer Is The Man
9. Come All You Hardy Miners
10. He Lies In The American Land
11. Casey Jones
12. Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine
13. Cotton Mill Colic
14. Seven Cent Cotton & Forty Cent Meat
15. Mill Mother's Lament
16. Fare Ye Well Old Ely Branch
17. Beans, Bacon And Gravy
18. The Death Of Harry Simms
19. Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
20. Ballad Af Barney Graham
21. My Children Are Seven In Number
22. Raggedy
23. Pittsburgh Town
24. Sixty Per Cent

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