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Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland

Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland

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Classic recordings made by folklorist Peter Kennedy in the 1950s/early 60s of legendary players of the three types of British and Irish pipes with an unbroken tradition.

1 Maidrin Rua
2 The Blackthorn Stick / Saddle the Ponny
3 Juanita
4 Mrs. McLeod's Reel
5 The Lark in the Morning
6 Pigeon on the Gate / Miss Monaghan's
7 The Brown Thorn
8 The Boyne Hunt
9 The Dear Irish Boy
10 Rowsome's Slip Jig
11 Lewis Proudlock's Hornpipe
12 Peter Bailies's Pig
13 Maggie's Foot
14 Maa Bonny Lad
15 Money Musk
16 The Fair Flower of Northumberland
17 The Jenny Bell Polka
18 Wild Hills O' Wannies
19 Whittingham Green Lane/Ward's Brae
20 1 the Redesdale Hornpipe
21 The Lads of Alnwick
22 Bonny at Morn / Billy Boy / the Earl of Derwentwater's Farewell
23 Keel Row
24 The Burning Sands of Egypt
25 My Lodging Is on the Cold, Cold, Ground
26 The De'il's I' the Kitchen / London Society
27 Loch Duich
28 The Manchester Hornpipe / Maggie Dickie's / the De'il Among the Tailors
29 Bonnie Annie / the Duke of Roxburgh's Farewell to Black Mount
30 By Loch Etive's Side / the High Road to Gareloch
31 Leaving Ardtornish
32 Duncan MacRae of Kintail's Lament

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