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La Dolce Volta



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As a child in Romania, Dana Ciocarlie was cradled by the music of Mozart and the cimbalom that accompanies the dances of the Dobruja region. As a teenager she discovered the pieces of Chopin and Debussy, indelibly linked with her teachers of that time. As a young concert pianist, her knowledge was enriched by new images of travel to her adoptive homeland of France, then Europe, America, and finally Armenia by way of China. On Bubbles, she is joined by old and new friends for a celebration of memories and communion with other musicians. When bubbles loosen tongues, the stories take flight and mingle.

1 Poulenc: Parisiana Les Trois Dames
2 Blaga: Je Veux Danser
3 Constantinescu: Joc Dobrogean
4 Aroutounian: Impromptu Pour Violoncelle Et Piano
5 Debussy: Children's Corner Golliwogg's Cake-Walk
6 Piazzolla: Fracanapa
7 Stànescu: Chanson
8 Satie: Je Te Veux
9 Weill: Je Ne T'aime Pas
10 Schubert: Marche Militaire en RÉ Majeur D.733 N°1
11 Ayvazian: Danse Arménienne
12 Contet: Sparkling Girl
13 Mozart: Rondo en RÉ Majeur, K.485
14 Poulenc: Montparnasse
15 Komitas: Je Ne Peux Pas Danser
16 Hangman's Reel
17 Glass: Modern Love Waltz
18 Armanet: This Is America (And I Feel Like Electricity)
19 Bécaud: Le Pianiste de Varsovie
20 Chopin: Grande Valse Brillante Op.34 No.3
21 Blaga: Trois Visages

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