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Smithsonian Folkways takes you to the heart of Appalachia for 38 vintage string-band sides-76 minutes on one CD! Includes Red Bird Clark Kessinger; Bonaparte's Retreat Mike Seeger; Sally in the Garden J.D. Cornett; Give the Fiddler a Dram Bill Hicks; Old Man Below Gaither Carlton; Mississippi Sawyer Wade Ward, and more.

Pretty Little Girl with the Blue Dress on - Doug Wallin
Sugar Hill - Tommy Jarrell W/ Frank Bode
Sally in the Garden - J.D. Cornett
Sally in the Garden - Marion Sumner
Muddy Roads - Gaither Carlton W/ the Watson Family
Won't Come Until Morning - Greg Hooven
Wednesday Night Waltz - Clark Kessinger
Dance All Night - Arthur Smith W/ the McGee Brothers
Give the Fiddler a Dram - Bill Hicks
Little Brown Jug - Joe Thompson
Black Eyed Susie - Tracy Schwarz & Mike Seeger
Snowbird - Ross Brown
Ain't Gonna Rain No More - Hoyt Ming & the Pep Steppers
Cacklin' Hen - Roy Pope & the Carolina Homeboys
Old Joe - Johnny Warren W/ the Nashville Grass
Old Man Below - Gaither Carlton
Unnamed Tune - John w. Summers
Beaumont Rag - David & Billie Ray Johnson
Richmond Blues - Fred Price W/ Clint Howard
Mississippi Sawyer - Wade Ward
Bill Cheatham - Buddy Pendleton W/ the Stony Mountain Boys
Red Bird - Clark Kessinger
Johnson Boys - Caleb Finch W/ the Iron Mountain String Band
Sally Goodin' - Eck Robertson
Unnamed Tune - Tony Alderman
Fine Times at Our House - John w. Summers
Yew Piney Mountain - Melvin Wine
Darling Cora - Greg Hooven
Blackberry Blossom - Charlie Higgins W/ the Buck Mountain Band
Kentucky Waltz - David & Billie Ray Johnson
Lee Highway Blues - Fred Price W/ Clint Howard & Doc Watson
Piney Woods Gal - Tommy Jarrell W/ Frank Bode
Jenny on the Railroad - Tracy Schwarz & Mike Seeger
Billy in the Lowground - Buddy Griffin W/ Red Allen & the Kentuckians
Fisher's Hornpipe - David & Billie Ray Johnson
Trombone Rag - Clark Kessinger
Bonaparte's Retreat - Mike Seeger
Carroll County Blues - Gordon Tanner & the Skillet Lickers

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