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Sam Cooke is widely recognised as the pioneer of soul music, creating the crossover between R&B and pop during the late '50s and hugely influential as both a performer and songwriter. He had a smooth and highly distinctive vocal style, with an effortless and faultless delivery that not made him a massive influence but helped pave the way for other soul artists who emerged during the '60s and '70s. This great-value 58-track 2-CD collection comprises the A & B sides of all his solo singles, from the time he left The Soul Stirrers in 1957 through to 1962, just two years before his tragic and still unexplained death in a shooting incident in 1964. Those singles, released on the Specialty, Keen, RCA and SAR labels, naturally include all his chart successes during the period, including the landmark hits "You Send Me", "Only Sixteen", "Wonderful World", "Chain Gang" and "Twistin' The Night Away". It includes a substantial booklet with full discographical and chart information and a detailed narrative of his career and recordings. It's a great showcase for his unique talent, and provides an ideal way to get the very best of Sam Cooke's recordings in one collection

  1. Lovable (Dale Cook)
  2. Forever (Dale Cook)
  3. You Send Me (Sam Cooke)
  4. Summertime (Part 1)
  5. I'll Come Running Back to You (Sam Cooke)
  6. (I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons
  7. Desire Me (Sam Cooke)
  8. That's All I Need to Know (Sam Cooke)
  9. I Don't Want to Cry (Sam Cooke)
  10. You Were Made for Me (Sam Cooke)
  11. Lonely Island (Sam Cooke)
  12. Stealing Kisses (Sam Cooke)
  13. All of My Life (Sam Cooke)
  14. Win Your Love for Me (Sam Cooke)
  15. Almost in Your Arms - Love Song from Houseboat (Sam Cooke)
  16. Blue Moon (Sam Cooke)
  17. Love You Most of All (Sam Cooke)
  18. I Need You Now (Sam Cooke)
  19. Happy in Love (Sam Cooke)
  20. Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha (Sam Cooke)
  21. Little Things You Do (Sam Cooke)
  22. Only Sixteen (Sam Cooke)
  23. Let's Go Steady Again (Sam Cooke)
  24. Summertime - Part 2 (Sam Cooke)
  25. There, I've Said It Again (Sam Cooke)
  26. One Hour Ahead of the Posse (Sam Cooke)
  27. Mary, Mary Lou (Sam Cooke)
  28. Ee-Yi-Ee-Yi-Oh (Sam Cooke)
  29. T'aint Nobody's Bizness (Sam Cooke)
  30. No One (Can Ever Take Your Place)
  31. Teenage Sonata (Sam Cooke)
  32. If You Were the Only Girl (Sam Cooke)
  33. You Understand Me (Sam Cooke)
  34. I Belong to Your Heart (Sam Cooke)
  35. Wonderful World (Sam Cooke)
  36. Along the Navajo Trail (Sam Cooke)
  37. With You (Sam Cooke)
  38. I Thank God (Sam Cooke)
  39. Chain Gang (Sam Cooke)
  40. I Fall in Love Every Day (Sam Cooke)
  41. So Glamorous (Sam Cooke)
  42. Steal Away (Sam Cooke)
  43. Sad Mood (Sam Cooke)
  44. Love Me (Sam Cooke)
  45. That's It, I Quit, I'm Movin' on (Sam Cooke)
  46. What Do You Say (Sam Cooke)
  47. Cupid (Sam Cooke)
  48. Farewell, My Darling (Sam Cooke)
  49. Feel It (Sam Cooke)
  50. It's All Right (Sam Cooke)
  51. Just for You (Sam Cooke)
  52. Made for Me (Sam Cooke)
  53. Twistin' the Night Away (Sam Cooke)
  54. One More Time (Sam Cooke)
  55. Bring It on Home to Me (Sam Cooke)
  56. Having a Party (Sam Cooke)
  57. Somebody Have Mercy (Sam Cooke)
  58. Nothing Can Change This Love (Sam Cooke)
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