DOC WATSON: Doc's Prescription (2 CDs)
DOC WATSON: Doc's Prescription (2 CDs)

DOC WATSON: Doc's Prescription (2 CDs)

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CD1: 1 Old Ruben
CD1: 2 Crawdad Song
CD1: 3 Way Down Town
CD1: 4 Little Sadie
CD1: 5 Foggy Mountain Reel
CD1: 6 My Home's Across The Blue Ridge
CD1: 7 Handsome Molly
CD1: 8 Corn Likker
CD1: 9 Free Little Bird
CD1: 10 The Old Man At The Mill
CD1: 11 Daniel Prayed
CD1: 12 Walking Boss
CD1: 13 Lee Highway Blues
CD1: 14 Claude Allen
CD1: 15 Humpbacked Mule
CD1: 16 Richmond Blues
CD1: 17 Pretty Little Pink
CD1: 18 I'm Going Back To Jericho
CD1: 19 Peg And Awl
CD1: 20 Rising Sun Blues

CD2: 1 Doc's Tune
CD2: 2 Stream Of Whiskey
CD2: 3 Worried Blues
CD2: 4 Tom Dooley
CD2: 5 Liza Jane
CD2: 6 Midnight On The Stormy Deep
CD2: 7 The Coo-Coo Bird
CD2: 8 Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy
CD2: 9 Tough Luck
CD2: 10 I Heard My Mother Weeping
CD2: 11 Maggie Walker Blues
CD2: 12 God's Gonna Ease My Troublin' Mind
CD2: 13 Sally Ann
CD2: 14 Reuben's Train
CD2: 15 Shady Grove
CD2: 16 49 Biscuits
CD2: 17 True Lovers
CD2: 18 Footprints In The Snow
CD2: 19 Amazing Grace
CD2: 20 Hick's Farewell