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GILBERT & SULLIVAN: H.M.S. PINAFORE - Charles Mackerras, Welsh National Opera

GILBERT & SULLIVAN: H.M.S. PINAFORE - Charles Mackerras, Welsh National Opera

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Richard Suart (Sir Joseph), Thomas Allen (Captain Corcoran), Michael Schade (Ralph Rackstraw), Rebecca Evans (Josephine), Felicity Palmer (Little Buttercup), Donald Adams (Dick Deadeye), Richard Van Allan (Bill Bobstay)

Welsh National Opera, Sir Charles Mackerras

As always, Mackerras keeps the livelier numbers moving along comfortably without ever a hint of rushing, while giving full weight to the tender moments and, above all, caressing all the details of Sullivan's delicious orchestration.
Right from the overture, with its beautifully shaped Andante section, this is music-making to perfection. Of the singers, Felicity Palmer's Buttercup truly oozes plumpness and pleasure, while Thomas Allen's Captain doesn't just do the crew of the Pinafore proud, but all of us.
If Rebecca Evans's Josephine is a shade lacking in colour, Mackerras has found in Michael Schade's Ralph Rackstraw a most elegant addition to his G&S team. As for Richard Suart's Sir Joseph Porter, this is surely as stylish a demonstration of patter singing as one can find anywhere on disc, while Donald Adams's Dick Deadeye is no worse for his 40-odd years singing the role.
Add orchestral playing of refinement, choral work whose perfection extends from the formal numbers to the varied inflexions of 'What nevers?', plus a recording that brings out the instrumental detail to perfection, and one has a Pinafore that's unadulterated delight from first note to last. - Gramophone Guide to CDs
  1. Overture
  2. Introduction And Opening Chorus - (Chorus Of Sailors) We Sail The Ocean Blue - Sir Charles Mackerras
  3. Recitative And Aria - (Buttercup) I'm Called Little Buttercup
  4. Recitative - (Buttercup And Boatswain) But Tell Me Who's The Youth
  5. Madrigal - (Ralph And Chorus Of Sailors) The Nightingale
  6. Ballad - (Ralph And Chorus Of Sailors) A Maiden Fair To See
  7. Recitative And Song - (Captain Corcoran And Chorus Of Sailors) My Gallant Crew
  8. Recitative - (Buttercup And Captain Corcoran) Sir, You Are Sad!
  9. Ballad - (Josephine) Sorry Her Lot
  10. Barcarolle - (Chorus Of Sir Joseph's Female Relatives, Of-Stage) Over The Bright Blue Sea
  11. (Chorus Of Sailors And Sir Joseph's Female Relatives) Sir Joseph's Barge Is Seen
  12. (Captain Corcoran, Sir Joseph, Cousin Hebe, And Chorus) Now Give Three Cheers
  13. Song - (Sir Joseph And Chorus) When I Was A Lad
  14. (Sir Joseph, Cousin Hebe, Chorus Of Female Relatives, And Sailors) For I Hold That On The Seas
  15. Glee - (Ralph, Boatswain, Carpenter, And Chorus Of Sailors) A British Tar
  16. Duet - (Josephine And Ralph) Refrain, Audacious Tar
  17. Can I Survive This Overbearing?
  18. Entr'acte
  19. Night - Moonight: Song - (Captain Corcoran) Fair Moon, To Thee I Sing
  20. Night - Moonight: Duet - (Buttercup And Captain Corcoran) Things Are Seldom What They Seem
  21. Night - Moonight: Scena - (Josephine) The Hours Creep On Apace
  22. Night - Moonight: Trio - (Josephine, Captain Corcoran, And Sir Joseph) Never Mind The Why And Wheref
  23. Night - Moonight: Duet - (Captain Corcoran And Dick Deadeye) Kind Captain, I've Important Informatio
  24. Night - Moonight: (Soli And Chorus) Carefully On Tiptoe Stealing
  25. Night - Moonight: (Octet And Chorus) Farwell, My Own!
  26. Night - Moonight: Song - (Buttercup And Chorus) A Many Years Ago
  27. Night - Moonight: Finale - O Joy, Oh Rapture Unforseen!
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