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Alexandre Tharaud: Hommage A Barbara - (2 CDs)

Alexandre Tharaud: Hommage A Barbara - (2 CDs)

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For this double album, pianist Alexandre Tharaud invited a spectacular array of guest performers to join him in paying tribute to the singer/songwriter Barbara, who died 20 years ago, in November 1997. She shares a place of honor in French song with two other 'B's', Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens. Among the featured artists are three world-famous actress-singers Juliette Binoche, Vanessa Paradis and Jane Birkin. Alexandre Tharaud's idea for this album dates back to the day of her funeral. He, like many other fans, went to the cemetery in Bagneux on the outskirts of Paris. After the crowds and TV cameras had departed, a group of devotees remained at her grave and joined in an impromptu rendition of her songs. "I realized then that Barbara would live on through our voices," says Tharaud. "I was young, but the recording studio was already central to my life. That morning, at Bagneux Cemetery, I vowed to make an album dedicated entirely to the music of Barbara. The guests on this album are not those anonymous mourners, but dear friends I have invited to lend their own unique voices to this tribute."

- Disc 1 -
1 Pierre (Prelude) Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
2 This Child - Dominique a Quatuor Modigliani · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
3 September - Camélia Jordana Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
4 Mes Hommes - Juliette Stéphane Logerot, Double Bass · Roland Romanelli, Accordion · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
5 Du Bout Des Lèvres - Vanessa Paradis Alexandre Tharaud, Piano and Rhodes
6 Vivant Poem - Jean-Louis Aubert Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
7 Pierre - Tim Dup Roland Romanelli, Accordion · Louis Rodde, Cello · Olivier Marguerit, Keyboards · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano, Wurlitzer
8 A Mourir Pour Mourir - Radio Elvis Alexandre Tharaud, Piano, Bells, Organ Hammond
9 Y'aura Du Monde - Bénabar Michel Portal, Clarinet · Stéphane Logerot, Double Bass · Louis Rodde, Cello · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano, Prepared Piano, Hammond Organ, Keyboards
10 There - Jane Birkin Albin de la Simone, Keyboards, Bass Guitar · Louis Rodde, Cello · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano, Celesta, Bells, Wurlitzer
11 It's Too Late - Albin de la Simone Hervé Joulain, Horn · Albin de la Simone, Bass Guitar, Keyboards · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
12 Au Bois de Saint-Amand - Rokia Traoré Alexandre Tharaud, Piano, Pencil, Hands on Thighs
13 Vienna - Juliette Binoche Renaud Capucon, Violin · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
14 Say, When Will You Return? Hindi Zahra François Salque, Cello · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
15 The Friends of Monsieur - Guillaume Gallienne Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
16 Wait for My Joy to Return - Luz Casal Francois Lasserre, Guitar · Stéphane Logerot, Double Bass · Quatuor Modigliani · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
17 Pierre (Postlude) Alexandre Tharaud, Piano

- Disc 2 -
1 Echo: O My Theaters Juliette Binoche, Voice
2 Echo: Waltz By Franz Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
3 Echo: Nantes (Arr Portal / Romanelli) Michel Portal, Clarinet · Roland Romanelli, Accordion
4 Echo: This Morning Michel Portal, Clarinet · Quatuor Modigliani · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
5 Echo: Le Bel Âge Roland Romanelli, Accordion · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
6 Echo: Nothing More Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
7 Echo: Remusat Roland Romanelli, Accordion
8 Echo: I Killed Love Alexandre Tharaud, Piano
9 Echo: My Most Beautiful Love Story Michel Portal, Clarinet · Alexandre Tharaud, Piano

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