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Ives - Songs Volume 6

Ives, C: Ein Ton
Ives, C: Tarrant Moss
Ives, C: The Things our Fathers Loved
Ives, C: The Waiting Soul
Ives, C: The White Gulls
Ives, C: The World’s Highway
Ives, C: The World’s Wanderers
Ives, C: There is a Certain Garden
Ives, C: There is a Lane
Ives, C: They Are There!
Ives, C: Thoreau
Ives, C: Those Evening Bells
Ives, C: Through Night and Day
Ives, C: To Edith
Ives, C: Tolerance
Ives, C: Tom Sails Away
Ives, C: Two Little Flowers
Ives, C: Two Slants (Christian and Pagan)
Ives, C: Vote for Names! Names! Names!
Ives, C: Walking
Ives, C: Walt Whitman
Ives, C: Waltz
Ives, C: Watchman!
Ives, C: Weil' auf mir
Ives, C: West London
Ives, C: When Stars are in the Quiet Skies
Ives, C: Where the Eagle
Ives, C: Widmung
Ives, C: Wie Melodien Zieht es Mir
Ives, C: Wiegenlied
Ives, C: William Will
Ives, C: Yellow Leaves

Charles Ives wrote almost two hundred songs. Although his reputation rests on orchestral, chamber and piano music, it is Ives's songs that represent the heart of his creative thinking.

The expressive variety encountered is accordingly vast: indeed, the gradual evolution of Ives’s songwriting is analogous to the wider evolution of American music during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

This new edition includes all the songs that Ives completed. The alphabetic approach ensures that each volume contains a representative cross-section. This is the sixth and final volume.

Lielle Berman, Daniel Trevor Bircher, Patrick Carfizzi, Jennifer Casey Cabot, Michael Cavalieri, Robert Gardner, Amanda Ingram, Sara Jakubiak, Sumi Kittelberger, Ryan MacPherson, Diego Matamoros, Tamara Mumford, Mary Phillips, David Pittsinger, Matthew Plenk, Rebecca Ringle, Kenneth Tarver, Leah Wool, Douglas Dickson, Laura Garritson, J.J. Penna & Eric Trudel

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