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JACKIE DESHANNON: You Won't Forget Me (2 CDs)

JACKIE DESHANNON: You Won't Forget Me (2 CDs)


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Jackie DeShannon occupies a unique place in pop history. Long before Carole King, Carly Simon or Joni Mitchell made their mark as singer-songwriters, Jackie was a pioneer - arguably the first female artist of the era to write and record her own material. The songs you will hear on this collection date from the very beginning of Jackie DeShannon‘s incredible career. Many of the original versions are so rare that they now change hands for eye-watering prices, but here they are - all gathered together in one place for you to enjoy.


1. You Won’t Forget Me
2. The Prince
3. Baby (When Ya Kiss Me)
4. Heaven Is Being With You
5. Lonely Girl
6. Put My Baby Down
7. Just Like In The Movies
8. Trouble
9. I Don’t Think So Much Of Myself Now
10. Buddy
11. I Wanna Go Home
12. Wish I Could Find A Boy (Just Like You)
13. How Wrong I Was
14. Guess Who
15. Faded Love


1. I’ll Be True
2. Teach Me
3. Dancing Silhouettes
4. Strolypso Dance
5. Lies
6. So Warm
7. I’ll Drown In My Own Tears
8. Just Another Lie (with The Cajuns)
9. Ain’t That Love
10. Think About You
11. The Foolish One
12. I Won’t Turn You Down
13. Wish I Could Find A Boy (Alt. Stereo Mix)
14. You Won’t Forget Me (Alt. Stereo Mix)
15. Just Like In The Movies (Alt. Stereo Mix)

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