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JACQUES LOUSSIER - Four Classic Albums (2 CDs)

JACQUES LOUSSIER - Four Classic Albums (2 CDs)


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AVID Jazz here presents four classic Jacques Loussier albums, including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
“Plays Bach Volumes 1, 2 & 3”; “Jacques Loussier Joue Kurt Weill”
Following in the footsteps of the renowned guitarist Django Reinhardt who had experimented with putting the swing into classical music before the war, here we present the French pianist and arranger Jacques Loussier with three volumes of his celebrated series, “Play Bach”. Accompanied as ever by Christian Garros on drums and Pierre Michelot on bass, Loussier shows us just how suited to the jazz idiom the music of the great classical composer was! Alongside the three “Play Bach” volumes we present the hard to find album “Jacques Loussier joue Kurt Weill” an album only released in France and up to now unavailable on CD!
All four albums have been digitally re-mastered

1-8: ‘Play Bach Vol 1’
1. Prelude No.1- C-Major
2. Fugue No.1- C-Major
3. Prelude No.2- C-Minor
4. Fugue No.2- C-Minor
5. Toccata And Fugue- D-Minor
6. Prelude No.8- E-Minor
7. Prelude No.5- D-Major
8. Fugue No.5- D-Major
9-20: ‘Play Bach Vol 2’
9. Partita No.1 - Prelude / Allemande
10. Partita No.1 - Courante
11. Partita No.1 - Sarabande
12. Partita No.1 - Menuet 1
13. Partita No.1- Menuet 2
14. Partita No.1- Gigue
15. Chorale- Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring
16. Prelude No.6
17. Aria (Suite No.3)
18. Prelude No.16
19. Fugue No.16
20. Prelude No.21

1-9: ‘Play Bach Vol 3’
1. Allegro
2. Andante
3. Finale
4. Invention A Deux Voix No.1
5. Invention A Deux Voix No.13
6. Invention A Deux Voix No.8
7. Invention A Deux Voix No.14
8. Invention A Deux Voix No.15
9. Fantasie En Ut Mineur
10-21: ‘Jacques Loussier Joue Kurt Weill’
10. La Complainte De Mackie
11. La Chanson De Mandeley
12. Mona’s Lied
13. La Chanson De Bilbao
14. Stay Well
15. La Fiancee Du Pirate
16. Le Chant Des Canons
17. Oh! Heart Of Love
18. Le Tango Des Matelots
19. Sorabaya Johnny
20. Mon Ami, My Friend
21. La Chanson De Barbara
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