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JIMMY SCOTT / OSCAR BROWN JR - Five Classic Albums (Very Truly Yours / If You Only Knew / The Fabulous Songs Of Jimmy Scott / Sin & Soul / Between Heaven & Hell)

JIMMY SCOTT / OSCAR BROWN JR - Five Classic Albums (Very Truly Yours / If You Only Knew / The Fabulous Songs Of Jimmy Scott / Sin & Soul / Between Heaven & Hell)


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AVID Jazz presents the latest release in our Five Classic Album series with a re-mastered 2CD shared release from Jimmy Scott and Oscar Brown Jr., complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details.
Here we feature three albums from Jimmy Scott; “Very Truly Yours”; “If You Only Knew” and “The Fabulous Songs Of Jimmy Scott” and two from Oscar Brown Jr.; “Sin & Soul” and “Between Heaven & Hell”.
Here at AVID we are proud to have built up a jazz catalogue of 300+ titles and across that startling figure we have attempted to feature as wide a range of artists as possible within the constraints of the public domain legislation, meaning we can only release music released up to and including 1962. Fortunately for us and the you, the jazz buying public the period up to 1962 produced some truly remarkable jazz. We have focussed primarily on jazz from around 1940 right up to 1962. We have included all forms of jazz and featured pretty much all recognised jazz instruments and of course many, many fine jazz vocalists. We believe we are providing an outlet for great jazz to become available again to seasoned jazz fans and at a price new jazz fans can also get involved and that the larger record companies are not really interested in. We have attempted to cover the widest possible range of artists from the legendary to the more obscure or forgotten. We had a couple of simple, but important criteria to follow when selecting an artist for our “AVID Hall of Fame” catalogue! It had to be jazz and it had to be good! Ideally the artist had to have had four albums released up to 1962 to fit into our FOUR CLASSIC ALBUMS series. On some occasions we have to admit we have overlooked this last criterium in the name of giving a particularly fine artist a place in our series who maybe did not have four albums available. On these occasions we may have selected another album by a different artist but which did feature our chosen headliner. We believe this seemed to work out fine judging by sales and buyer feedback. So for our latest release we have a classic case of a hugely unique artist with only three albums released in our time frame. In fact after his initial stunning debut onto the jazz scene he retired for many years before re-emerging again in the 1990s. We are, of course referring to the amazing jazz vocal stylist Jimmy Scott. You have to hear this guy to believe just how unique, amazing and beautiful his voice was. And to understand how important a singer he was considered to be, here’s a few of the artists you will find accompanying him on these classic albums. Budd Johnson, Mundell Lowe, Charles Mingus, Dave Bailey, Kenny Clarke, Jerome Richardson, Sal Salvador and Bucky Pizzarelli. Listen and wonder! Another unique jazz voice and composer was our second guest sharing the limelight with Jimmy Scott. Oscar Brown Jr. here featured on his two albums pre ’62 alongside musicians such as Ralph Burns, Quincy Jones, Phil Woods, Joe Newman, George Duvivier, Osie Johnson and Panama Francis. As with all AVID releases, we hope you enjoy them and check out our extensive catalogue for more great music across jazz and many other musical genres.

1-12: ‘Jimmy Scott: Very Truly Yours’
1. Imagination
2. How Can I Go On Without You
3. Time On My Hands
4. When Did You Leave Heaven
5. Guilty
6. Everybody Needs Somebody
7. Why Don’t You Open Your Heart
8. Don’t Cry Baby
9. Street Of Dreams
10.Someone To Watch Over Me
11.The Show Goes On
12.Very Truly Yours
13-22: ‘Little Jimmy Scott: If You Only Knew’
13. Oh What I Wouldn’t Give
14. All Or Nothing At All
15. I’m Thru With Love
16. Address Unknown
17. If You Only Knew
18. Am I Wrong
19. It’s Over
20. I’ll Never Deceive You
21. Recess In Heaven
22. Never Peace Of Mind
23-29: ‘Jimmy Scott: The Fabulous Songs Of Jimmy Scott’
23. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
24. An Evening In Paradise
25. If I Ever Lost You
26. I’m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
27. Please Forgive Me
28. How Else
29. If You Are But A Dream

1-5: ‘Jimmy Scott: The Fabulous Songs Of Jimmy Scott’
1. The Way You Look Tonight
2. Things That Are Love
3. Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
4. Once
5. What Good Would It Be
6-17: ‘Oscar Brown Jr: Sin & Soul’
6. Work Song
7. But I Was Cool
8. Bid ‘Em In
9. Signifyin’ Monkey
10. Watermelon Man
11. Somebody Buy Me A Drink
12. Rags And Old Iron
13. Dat Dere
14. Brown Baby
15. Humdrum Blues
16. Sleepy
17. Afro Blue
18-29: ‘Oscar Brown Jr: Between Heaven & Hell’
18. Mr. Kicks
19. Hazel’s Hips
20. Excuse Me For Livin’
21. Lucky Guy
22. Forbidden Fruit
23. Opportunity, Please Knock
24. Elegy (Plain Black Boy)
25. Sam’s Life
26. Hymn To Friday
27. Love Is Like A New Born Child
28. When Malindy Sings
29. World Full Of Grey
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