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AVID Jazz continues with its Four Classic Albums series with a re-mastered 2CD release from Jon Hendricks (2 x solo albums) and Lambert Hendricks & Ross complete with original artwork, liner notes and personnel details
Jon Hendricks - “A Good Git Together”; “Fast Livin’ Blues’” and Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - “High Flying” and “Sing Ellington”
Following the incredible success of our first and recently released Lambert, Hendricks & Ross: Four Classic Album set (AMSC1320) and our classic best seller Annie Ross: Four Classic Albums (AMSC1015), we thought we would round off our journey with another two classics by the titanic trio and for good measure offer up a taste of the vocalese master Jon Hendricks out on his own on two extraordinary albums. Released in 1959, A Good Git Together features Jon Hendricks during the time of his greatest success with LH&R, amongst such fine musicians as Wes Montgomery, Pony Poindexter and the brothers Cannonball & Nat Adderley. For Fast Livin’ Blues, Hendricks is again joined by Pony Poindexter on tenor and soprano alongside Freddie Green on guitar and the legendary Joe Newman on trumpet as well as LH&R stalwarts the Ike Isaacs Trio. Our two final LH&R albums round off our vocalese journey through the music of one of the finest vocal groups in jazz history. Sing Ellington does what it says on the tin (to use that awful expression) but in fine, fine L.H & R style, while High Flying features the final time Annie Ross would play on an album with her brothers in song. But what a fine way to out….singing sublimely! And of course the Ike Isaacs Trio are on hand to accompany them on both albums.

1-10: ‘A Good Git Together’
1. Everything Started In The House Of The Lord
2. Music In The Air
3. Feed Me
4. I’ll Die Happy
5. Pretty Strange
6. The Shouter
7. Minor Catastrophe
8. Social Call
9. Out Of The Past
10. A Good Git Together & Everything Started In The House Of The Lord
11-20: ‘Fast Livin’ Blues’
11.What Would You Do?
12. Fast Livin’ Blues
13. Saturday Night Fish Fry
14. Do You Call That A Buddy
15. I’ll Die Happy
16. Another Get Together
17. Good Old Lady
18. Contemporary Blues
19. Stop And Go Blues
20. I’ll Never Get Enough Of You

1-11: ‘High Flying’
1. Come On Home
2. The New ABC
3. Farmer’s Market
4. Cookin’ At The Continental
5. With Malice Towards None
6. Hi-Fly
7. Home Cookin’
8. Halloween Spooks
9. Popity Pop
10. Blue
11. Mr. P.C.
12-22: ‘Sing Ellington’
12. Cottontail
13. All Too Soon
14. Happy Anatomy
15. Rocks In My Bed
16. Main Stem
17. I Don’t Know What Kind Of Blues I’ve Got
18. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
19. Midnight Indigo
20. What Am I Here For?
21. In A Mellow Tone
22. Caravan
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