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This set of three CDs contains the complete Chansonnier Cordiforme, perhaps the most beautiful of all surviving music manuscripts, whose first owner was Jean de Montchenu (d. 1497). It was compiled during the 1470 's and contains 43 songs from the preceding 30 years by Dufay, Binchois, Ockeghem, Busnoys and other composers of the time. This was the first, and remains the only complete recording ever made of an entire fifteenth-century songbook; and it gives everything in it's original order, starting from the first page and ending on the last. The extensive booklet includes new introductions by Anthony Rooley and the Chansonnier's editor and project supervisor, David Fallows, a substantial essay on the background to the music as well as every title by Fallows and full texts and translations. A true Eloquence magnum opus receiving it's first international release on CD.

Amongst early-music aficionados the recording has acquired something close to mythical status...hearing it again from beginning to end, one is struck by the nearly flawless interventions of John Elwes...and by those of Margaret Philpot, whose career was so tragically cut short...If you've never heard a 15th-century song in your life, get this now. --GRAMOPHONE

Le Chansonnier Cordiforme [Disc 1]

Hora Gridar 'oimè'

Ben Lo Sa Dio

Dona Gentile

Zentil Madona

Chiara Fontana

O Pelegrina Luce

O Rosa Bella

La Gracia De Voi

Perla Mia Cara

Morte Mercè

Finir Voglio La Mia Vita

O Pelegrina Luce

O Meschin' Inamorati


Le Chansonnier Cordiforme [Disc 2]

Comme Ung Homme Desconforté

S'il Vous Plaist Que Vostre Je Soye

L'aultre Jour Par Ung Matin

J'ay Pris Amours

L'autre D'antan L'autrier Passa

De Tous Biens Plaine

J'ay Moins De Bien

Vostre Bruit Et Vostre Grant Fame

Cent Mille Escus

Le Souvenir De Vous Me Tue

L'omme Bany De Sa Plaisance

N'aray Je Jamais Mieulx

Le Serviteur Hault Guerdonné

Fortune, Par Ta Cruaulté

Est Il Mercy De Quoy L'on Peust Finer?


Le Chansonnier Cordiforme [Disc 3]

Comme Femme Desconfortee

Tout A Par Moy

Ma Bouche Rit

Mon Seul Plaisir, Ma Doulce Joye

Ma Bouche Plaint

Vray Dieu D'amours

Hélas! Je N'ay Pas Osé Dire

Or Ay Je Perdu

Adieu Vous Dy

Terriblement Suis Fortunee

De Mon Povoir Vous Veul Complaire

Hélas! N'aray Je Jamais Mieulx

Quant Du Dire Adieu

Je Ne Veis Onques La Pareille

Faites Moy Sçavoir De La Belle

Consort of Musicke
Anthony Rooley
Emma Kirkby, soprano
Margaret Philpot, contralto
John York Skinner, countertenor
John Elwes, tenor
David Thomas, bass
Lewis Jones, flute
Frances Kelly, harp
Christopher Page, lute
Anthony Rooley, bass lute
Trevor Jones, fiddle
Alison Crum, fiddle

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