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Leonard Slatkin - The American Collection (13 CDs)

Leonard Slatkin - The American Collection (13 CDs)

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Sony Classical is pleased to announce another ten releases in its increasingly comprehensive series of Classical Masters. These new budget-priced releases contain classic recordings, many of them newly remastered, by some of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century. During his long music directorships of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra – America’s second-oldest, founded in 1880 – and the National Symphony Orchestra of Washington, D.C., conductor Leonard Slatkin brought these ensembles regularly into the recording studio to perform a wide swath of American repertoire – major works by composers including Charles Ives, Aaron Copland, Walter Piston, Leonard Bernstein, William Schuman and John Corigliano, as well as more popular fare by John Philip Sousa, Virgil Thomson, Victor Herbert, Ferde Grofé, Leroy Anderson and Morton Gould, plus the national anthem and Battle Hymn of the Republic. Those recordings, acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic, have now been collected in a one extensive release.

DISC 1 - Works of Leroy Anderson

1     Belle of the Ball    

2     The Phantom Regiment    

3     The First Day of Spring    

4     Sleigh Ride    

5     Plink, Plank, Plunk!    

6     Blue Tango    

7     Forgotten Dreams    

8     Bugler's Holiday    

9     The Penny-Whistle Song    

10     Clarinet Candy    

11     Horse and Buggy    

12     A Trumpeter's Lullaby    

13     Fiddle Faddle    

14     Jazz Pizzicato  

15     Jazz Legato    

16     The Syncopated Clock    

17     Sandpaper Ballet    

18     The Typewriter    

19     The Waltzing Cat    

20     Promenade    

21     Saraband    

22     Serenata    

23     Balladette    

24     Arietta    

25     Home Stretch    


DISC 2 - CD    

Bernstein: Songfest - A Cycle of American Poems for Six Singers and Orchestra        

Opening Hymn    

1     I. To the Poem        

Bernstein: Three Solos    

2     II. The Pennycandystore Beyond the El    

3     III. A Julia de Burgos    

4     IV. To What You Said        

Bernstein: Three Ensembles    

5     V. I, Too, Sing America - Okay "Negroes"    

6     VI. To My Dear and Loving Husband    

7     VII. Storyette H. M.        Bernstein: Sextet    

8     VIII. "if you can't eat you got to"        

Bernstein: Three Solos    

9     IX. Music I Heard With You    

10     X. Zizi's Lament    

11     XI. Sonnet: What Lips My Lips Have Kissed ...        

Bernstein: Closing Hymn    

12     XII. Israfel       

Bernstein: Seven Anniversaries    

13     In Memoriam: Nathalie Kossevitzky, No. 5    

14     Edgar Varèse: Arcana     


DISC 3 - Works of Aaron Copland    

Symphony for Organ and Orchestra (1924)    

1     Andante    

2     Scherzo    

3     Finale: Lento        

Dance Symphony (1929)    

4     Introduction: Lento, molto allegro    

5     Andante moderato    

6     Allegro vivo        

Short Symphony (Symphony No. 2) (1932-33)    

7     Incisivo    

8     Espressivo    

9     Presto e ritmico    

10     Orchestral Variations (1957)     


DISC 4 - Works of Aaron Copland    

The Red Pony    

1     Morning on the Ranch    

2     The Gift    

3     Dream March    

4     Circus Music    

5     Walk to the Bunkhouse    

6     Grandfather's Story    

7     Happy Ending    

8     Our Town    

9     The Heiress Suite        

Music for Movies    

10     New England Countryside    

11     Barley Wagons    

12     Sunday Traffic    

13     Grovers Corners    

14     Threshing Machines    

15     Prairie Journal (Music for Radio)     

DISC 5 - Works of Aaron Copland    

Symphony No. 3    

1     I. Molto moderato    

2     II. Allegro molto    

3     III. Andantino quasi allegretto    

4     IV. Molto deliberato        

Music for a Great City    

5     Skyline    

6     Night Thoughts    

7     Subway Jam    

8     Toward the Bridge     

DISC 6 - Works of John Corigliano

1    Of Rage and Remembrance (Chaconne based upon Symphony No. 1, Movement III)        Symphony No. 1    

2     I. Apologue. Of Rage and Remembrance    

3     II. Tarantella    

4     III. Chaconne. Giulio's Song    

5     IV. Epilogue     

DISC 7 - Works of John Corigliano

1     Tournaments    

2     Fantasia on an Ostinato (Version for Orchestra)    

3     Elegy        

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra    

4     I. Molto allegro    

5     II. Scherzo    

6     III. Andante appassionato    

7     IV. Allegro     

DISC 8 - Works of Charles Ives   

Three Places in New England    

1     The "St. Gaudens" in Boston Common  

2     Putnam's Camp, Redding, Connecticut    

3     The Housatonic at Stockbridge    

4     March III with the air "Old Kentucky Home"    

5     The Unanswered Question    

6     Central Park in the Dark    

7     Fugue in Four Keys on "The Shining Shore"       

Symphony No. 3 "The Camp Meeting"    

8     1. Old Folks Gatherin' - Andante maestoso    

9     2. Children's Day - Allegro    

10     3. Communion - Largo     

DISC 9 - Works of William Schuman

1     American Festival Overture        New England Triptych    

2     Be glad then, America    

3     When Jesus wept    

4     Chester    

5     Variations on "America"        

Symphony No. 10, "American Muse"    

6     Con fuoco    

7     Larghissimo    

8     Presto - Andantino - Leggero - Pesante - Presto possibile     

DISC 10 - Works of Walter Piston   

The Incredible Flutist    

1     Introduction: Siesta in the Marketplace    

2     Entrance of the Vendors    

3     Entrance of the Customers    

4     Tango of the Merchant's Daughters    

5     Arrival of the Circus    

6     Circus March    

7     The Flutist    

8     Minuet    

9     Spanish Waltz    

10     Siciliana: Dance of the Flutist and the Merchant's Daughter    

11     Polka Finale        Three New England Sketches    

12     Seaside    

13     Summer Evening    

14     Mountains        

Symphony No. 6    

15     Fluendo espressivo    

16     Leggerissimo vivace   

17     Adagio sereno    

18     Allegro energico    

DISC 11 - Works of Joseph Schwantner

1     Velocities (Moto perpetuo) for solo marimba        

Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra    

2     Con forza    

3     Misterioso    

4     Ritmico con brio    

5     New Morning for the World: "Daybreak of Freedom"     

DISC 12 

1     Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man    

2     Gould: American Salute    

3     Sousa: Washington Post March       

Schuman: New England Triptych    

4     Chester    

5     Variations on "America"       

Gould: American Symphonette No. 2    

6     Pavane       

Herbert: Babes in Toyland    

7     March of the Toys    

8     Tower: Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman, No. 1       

Copland: Rodeo    

9     Hoedown       

V. Thomson: The Plow that Broke the Plains    

10     Prelude    

11     Pastoral (Grass)        

Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite    

12     On The Trail    

13     Wells: Minor Reflection    

14     Bates: America the Beautiful    

15     Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever    

16     Traditional: Taps    

17     Smith: The Star Spangled Banner     

DISC 13 - CD 1     

Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man       

Schuman: New England Triptych    

2     Be glad then, America    

3     Buck: Festival Overture on the "Star Spangled Banner"   

4     Bagley: National Emblem March    

5     V. Thomson: Fugue and Chorale on "Yankee Doodle" for Orchestra    

6     Herbert: American Fantasia for Orchestra    

7     Sousa: El Capitan    

8     Steffe: Battle Hymn of the Republic    

9     Hayman: Servicemen on Parade for Orchestra    

10    Copland: Lincoln Portraits    

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