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MEMPHIS SLIM: Four Classic Albums (2 CDS)

MEMPHIS SLIM: Four Classic Albums (2 CDS)


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AVID Roots presents four classic Memphis Slim albums plus, including original LP liner notes on a finely re-mastered and low priced double CD.
“Memphis Slim”; “Memphis Slim”; “The Real Boogie Woogie”; “The Real Honky Tonk” plus two tracks from the E.P. “Goes To Kansas City”.
These four albums catch Slim in two different guises. “The Real Boogie Woogie” his first album for Folkways, recorded in July 1959 and issued in 1960 and “The Real Honky Tonk” issued later that year, were solo recitals. Slim was then in his mid-40’s - he was born in Memphis in 1915. For the two albums and two E.P.s made in July 1960, Alexis Korner played guitar and Stan Greig drums. For a fascinating insight into the recording of these sides we refer you to the original notes from the “Kansas City” E.P. by Alexis Korner contained within this release. For our four album selections we refer you to an essay written by Tony Russell in October 2014, also contained within this release.
All four albums plus have been digitally re-mastered

1-7: ‘Memphis Slim’
1. Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do
2. Sun Gonna Shine In My Backdoor Someday
3. Rock Me Baby
4. In The Evening
5. Frisco Bay
6. Continuous performance of I Believe I’ll Settle Down / Darlin’ I Miss You So / Roll ‘N’ Tumble
7. Blue This Evening
8-18: ‘Memphis Slim’
8. Memphis Slim USA
9. Caught The Old Coon At Last
10. Whiskey And Gin
11. Two Of A Kind
12. I Love You More And More
13. Chicago Stop
14. Don’t Think You’re Smart
15. Memphis Tennessee
16. Bertha May
17. Me Myself And I
18. Misery
19. Sad And Lonesome from Memphis Slim Goes To Kansas City
20. Kansas City from Memphis Slim Goes To Kansas City
21: ‘The Real Boogie Woogie’
21. Walkin’ The Boogie

1-13: ‘The Real Boogie Woogie’
1. Cow Cow Blues
2. Jefferson County Blues
3. Four O’ Clock Blues
4. Mister Freddie
5. Trouble In Mind
6. 44 Blues
7. 88 Boogie
8. Sail On Blues
9. Down Home Blues
10. Down That Big Road
11. Roll And Tumble
12. Crowing Rooster
13. Woman Blues Boogie
14-26: ‘The Real Honky Tonk’
14. The Bells
15. The Lord Have Mercy On Me
16. My Baby Don’t Love Me No More
17. I Left That Town (Harlem Bound)
18. Boogie After Midnight
19. The Train Is Gone
20. Pine Top’s Boogie Woogie
21. Whiskey Drinking Blues
22. San Juan Blues
23. In The Evening
24. How Long Blues
25. Sail On Little Girl
26. John Henry
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