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Music for the Hammered Dulcimer

Music for the Hammered Dulcimer

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Virtuoso hammered dulcimer playing from Jim Couza with celtic harp, fiddle, melodeon.

1 Jenny Lind Medley: Jenny Lind Polka - Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
2 Intrada & Minuet
3 Londonderry Air Medley: Londonderry Air - the Maid at the Spinning Wheel
4 Nola
5 The High Cauled Cap: Polka
6 Christine's Medley: As I Roved Out - Miss Hamilton - Christine's Waltz - Gentle Maiden
7 The Bells of St Mary's
8 Devil's Dream
9 The Enchanted Valley
10 La Belle Katherine Medley: La Belle Katherine, - Fisher's Hornpipe - Swinging on a Gate
11 Norwegian Wood
12 Flowers of England - the Snowflake
13 Los Ejes de Mi Carretta
14 The Perfect Cure Medley: Starry Night to Ramble - the Perfect Cure - Peel the Carrot
15 Take Five

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