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Portrait of a Concertina: Dave Townsend & Nick Hooper

Portrait of a Concertina: Dave Townsend & Nick Hooper

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The concertina is a very versatile instrument and virtuoso English concertina player Dave Townsend is joined on a number of tracks by Spanish guitarist Nick Hooper in a selection from Bach to 'standards' as well as a good measure of folk tunes that would be the concertina's usual fare.

1 Work(S) for Concertina
2 The Flat Pavane and Galliard
3 As Times Goes By
4 Down the Waggon Way/Come Ashore, Jolly Tar, Your Trousers on
5 John Come Kiss Me Now
6 The Cuckoo's Nest/The Maid of the Mill/The Gallant Hussar
7 Csardas
8 Suite in E Minor, BWV 996: Prelude/Allemande/Courante/Sarabande/Bourree
9 Rosline Castle/The Golden Cross/Ratclif Cross
10 Peschatore Che Va Cantando/Saltarello
11 The Hole in the Wall/The Bashful Swain/Windsor Terrace
12 Benetev a Trevito
13 Roslin Castle
14 Golden Cross
15 Ratcliffe Cross
16 Peschatore Che Va Cantando
17 Saltarello
18 Hole in the Wall
19 Bashful Swain
20 Windsor Terrace
21 Benetev a Trevito

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