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CD1 - Vagn Holmboe (1909-1996):
* Fanfare, op. 121 for Three Trumpets and Timpani (1974). Niels Vind (tr), Nikolaj Viltoft (tr), Dorthe Zielke (tr), Søren Monrad (timpani)
* Notturno, op. 19 for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and French Horn (1940). Nikolaj von Scholten (fl), Joakim Dam Thomsen (ob), Adam Simonsen (cl), Jørgen Bracht Nielsen (bsn), Lasse Mauritzen (Fr horn)
* Notater, op. 140 for Three Trombones and Tuba (1979). Keld Jørgensen (alto and tenor tromb), Tobias Björs (tenor tromb), Lars Haugaard (bass tromb), Mogens Andresen (euphonium)
* Quartetto Medico, op. 70 for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Piano (1956). N von Scholten (flute), Joakim Dam Thomsen (ob), Adam Simonsen (cl), Marie Rørbech (pno)
* Concerto for Brass, op. 157 for Four Trumpets, Four French Horns, Four Trombones, Two Bass Tubas, Timpani, Two Percussion (1984). N Vind (tr), Jonas Wiik (tr), Michael Brydenfeldt (tr), Kasper Knudsen (tr), Ola Nilsson (Fr horn), Pall Solstein (Fr horn), Philip Sandholt Andersen (Fr horn), Piet Castello (Fr horn), Kasper Thaarup (tromb), Keld Jørgensen (tromb), Tobias Biörs (tromb), Lars Haugaard (bass tromb), Janus Mogensen (bass tuba), Anders Tøfting Swane Lund (bass tuba), Søren Monrad (timpani), Marcus Wall (perc), Henrik Malmgreen (perc), Mogens Andresen (cond.)
* Egilskvad, op. 185 for Bass/Baritone Singer, Two Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone, Bass Tuba (1991). Christian Christiansen (bass), N Vind (tr), Niels-Jørn Jessen (tr), Anna Nygård (Fr horn), Keld Jørgensen (tromb), Janus Morgensen (bass tuba) (Recording dates unknown[!])

CD 2 - Niels Viggo Bentzon (1919-2000):
* Trio for Trumpet, Horn & Trombone, op. 82 (1952). Jakob Heiding (horn), Martin Schuster (tr), Niels-Ole Bo Johansen (tromb)
* Sonata for French Horn & Piano, op. 47 (1947). Jakob Heiding (horn), Erik Kaltoft (pno)
* Sonata for Trumpet & Piano, op. 73 (1951). Martin Schuster (trumpet), E Kaltoft (pno)
* Sonata for Trombone & Piano, op. 277 (1971). N-O Bo Johansen (tromb), E Kaltoft (pno)
* "Fett und Filz" für Tuba und Klavier, op. 403 (1977) Viertes Stück eines Szenariums über Joseph Beuys. Finn Schumacker (tuba), E Kaltoft (pno) (Rec. 2004-06)

CD 3 - Works for solo organ and for organ and trumpet by seven Danish composers, including Ole Schmidt and Thomas Koppel.
CD 4 - Solo organ works by 4 late 20th century Danes, including Svend-Erik Tarp.
CD 5 - Works for trombone and electronics by Bent Lorentzen (b. 1935) and 5 younger composers.
CD 6 - `Toru Takemitsu in Memoriam': Includes two works by TT plus works by 3 younger Japanese composers; performed by the flute-guitar Duo Takemitsu.
CD 7 - Violin-and-piano chamber music by Szymanowski (Three Myths), Hindemith (the 1935 Sonata) and Poulenc (D-minor Sonata, 1942-43).
CD 8 - Piano Trios by Holmboe (op. 64, 1955), Anders Nordentoft, Per Nørgård, Michael Nyvang and Anders Koppel - by the Jalina Trio, recorded in 2003.
CD 9 - Two string quartets and a clarinet quintet by Rudolph Simonsen (1889-1947), with the Kontra Quartet.

CD 10 - `Waterworks: Choir Music from the 20th and 21st Century' by 8 composers:
* Water Night, for chorus - Eric Whitacre
* Agua Nocturna, for chorus & solo cello - Lasse Enersen
* Regn på ruden, for chorus - Francesco Cali
* Havsbön, for chorus - Morten Poulsen
* Den Hulken Sømand, for double chorus - Jaakko Mantyjarvi
* Blessing the boats, for double chorus, double bass & vibraphone - Kelly Crandell
* Kissrain, Watersleep, for chorus & percussion - Catharina Palmer
* Where Corals Lie, for chorus - Jaakko Mantyjarvi
* Cloudburst, for chorus, handbells, percussion & piano - Eric Whitacre
Various groups and soloists, mostly conducted by Flemming Windekilde on diverse dates.

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