KINGS OF THE DELTA BLUES: The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection
KINGS OF THE DELTA BLUES: The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection

KINGS OF THE DELTA BLUES: The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection

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Disc 1:
1.Robert Johnson
Cross Road Blues
2.Skip James
I'm So Glad
3.Robert Wilkins
That's No Way To Get Along
4.Big Joe Williams
Crawlin' King Snake
5.Muddy Waters
Country Blues
6.Bukka White
Fixin' To Die Blues
7.Tommy Johnson
Canned Heat Blues
8.Mississippi John Hurt
Stack O'Lee Blues
9.Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
Death Valley Blues
10.Son House
My Black Mama (Part 1)
11.Charley Patton
Mississippi Bo Weevil Blues
12.Sam Collins
The Yellow Dog Blues
13.Robert Lockwood Jr.
Little Boy Blue
14.Bo Carter
My Pencil Won't Write No More
15.William Harris
Bullfrog Blues
16.Tommy McClennan
Highway No. 51
17.Big Bill Broonzy
Mississippi River Blues
18.Blind Willie McTell
Stomp Down Rider
19.Sleepy John Estes
Hobo Jungle Blues
20.Big Joe Williams
Bertha Lee Blues

Disc 2:
1.Big Joe Williams
Baby Please Don't Go
2.Robert Johnson
Love In Vain
3.Hambone Willie Newbern
Roll And Tumble Blues
4.Tommy Johnson
Big Road Blues
5.Skip James
Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
6.Robert Petway
Catfish Blues
7.Muddy Waters
I Be's Troubled
8.Mississippi John Hurt
9.Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
Black Pony Blues
10.Son House
Low Down Dirty Dog Blues
11.Ishman Bracey
Trouble Hearted Blues
12.Garfield Akers
Cottonfield Blues (Part 1)
13.Willie 'Poor Boy' Lofton
Dirty Mistreater
14.Kansas Joe Mccoy
When The Levee Breaks
15.Bukka White
Bukka's Jitterbug Swing
16.Kid Bailey
Rowdy Blues
17.Geeshie Wiley
Last Kind Words
18.Papa Charlie McCoy
Motherless And Fatherless Blues
19.Arthur Petties
Two Time Blues
20.Freddie Spruell
Mr. Freddie's Kokomo Blues

Disc 3:
1.Charley Patton
Spoonful Blues
2.The Mississippi Sheiks*
Sitting On Top Of The World
3.Bukka White
Parchman Farm Blues
4.Robert Lockwood Jr.
Take A Little Walk With Me
5.Robert Johnson
Hellhound On My Tail
6.Skip James
Devil Got My Woman
7.Muddy Waters
You're Gonna Miss Me (When I'm Dead And Gone)
8.Mississippi John Hurt
Nobody's Dirty Business
9.Son House
Special Rider Blues
10.Tommy Johnson
Cool Drink Of Water Blues
11.Charley Patton
Down The Dirt Road Blues
12.Joe Callicott
Fare Thee Well Blues
13.Tommy McClennan
I'm A Guitar King
14.Papa Charlie McCoy
Last Time Blues
15.Willie Brown
Ragged And Dirty
16.16–Rube Lacy
Jailhouse Groan
17.Big Joe Williams
Rootin' Ground Hog
18.Ishman Bracey
Leavin' Town Blues
19.Frank Stokes
Nehi Mamma Blues
20.King Solomon Hill
Whoopee Blues