MUSICA DISONESTA "Indecent Music" - Anonima Frottolisti
MUSICA DISONESTA "Indecent Music" - Anonima Frottolisti

MUSICA DISONESTA "Indecent Music" - Anonima Frottolisti

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Indecent Music
Myths and Stories from Humanism

Composer: Ludovico Fogliani, Alessandro Demofonte,
Antonio Caprioli, Rolfino Bartolucci da Assisi,
Michele Pesenti, Bartolomeo Tromboncino,
Paolo Scotto, Marchetto Cara, Franciscus Bossinensis,
Francesco Santacroce «patavino», Antonius Patavus (Stringari)
Performers: Anonima Frottolisti

This project is based on the premise that the 15th century related the blending of two cultural universes: the written one and the oral one. The boundary between the two contexts apparently was so thin that it allowed the two traditions to coexist within the same universe of communication: idioms, allegorical figures and quotations thus converged into the same cultural interpretation angle. The stories, feelings and characters described by these pieces seem to be indefinite, but actually turn out to be a cross-section of a cultural context that is the repository of ancient knowledge: here, whatever appears is not simply what has been written, but constitutes the representation of a vast container of meanings. “Turlulù e la Rosina”, our 15th century characters, represent vices, virtues, fortune, love, famine, old age, death. These names are seemingly distant from a higher knowledge, but, in actual fact, are a part of it; as Torrefranca maintained in Il segreto del Quattrocento: “It happens every now and then in folkish poetry, but almost never in popular poetry, because the latter is always realistic and respects historical truth, which, for the people, is a biting stimulus.”