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RUSSIAN ORTHODOX PASSION: Choir of Danilov Monastery Moscow

RUSSIAN ORTHODOX PASSION: Choir of Danilov Monastery Moscow


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1 - Rulers of the people have assembled; They proceeded against me lawlessly, antiphon in Tone 8
2 - Judas hastened to the lawless scribes and said, antiphon in Tone 6
3 - Because of the raising of Lazarus; At Thy supper, O Christ, Lord; She who gave Thee birth, O Christ, antiphon in Tone 2
4 - Today Judas forsakes the Master, antiphon in Tone 5; As brothers in Christ let us acquire brotherly love, antiphon in Tone 1
5 - Master's disciple haggles over the price; Today the Creator of heaven and earth, antiphon in Tone 6
6 - Today Judas looks for a way to betray the Lord, antiphon in Tone 8
7 - When the transgressors came to arrest Thee, antiphon in Tone 8
8 - O transgressors, what have you heard from our Saviour?; Let Him be crucified!, antiphon in Tone 2
9 - They weighed out the thirty pieces of silver, antiphon in Tone 3
10 - He who clothes Himself with light; The disciple denied Him, antiphon in Tone 6
11 - In exchange for the good things, O Christ, that Thou hast, antiphon in Tone 6
12 - Thus says the Lord to the Jews, antiphon in Tone 8
13 - Crowd of the Jews, Lord, antiphon in Tone 6
14 - Thief, whose hands were defiled with blood, antiphon in Tone 8
15 - Today He who hung the earth upon the waters is hung upon the tree, antiphon in Tone 6
16 - Before the Shroud of Christ. Good Friday

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