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Verdi: Aida (Le Monnaie/De Munt)
Norma Fantini (Aida); Marco Berti (Radames); Ildiko Komlosi (Amneris); Mark Doss (Amonasro); Ortin Anastassov (Ramfis); Guido Jentjens (Il Re);

Cult director Robert Wilson's highly stylised and intensely dramatic staging brings a Zen-like tranquillity to Verdi's great opera concerning the conflict between individual aspiration, tradition and duty. His visually calm, yet emotionally taut, direction is emphasised by outstandingperformances from the cast and the Symphony Orchestra and Choir of la Monnaie De Munt under the commanding and inspired musical direction of Kazushi Ono. Recorded live at the Royal Opera House (La Monnaie/De Munt) in Brussels, this riveting and painstakingly beautiful production, reminiscent at times of Japanese Noh theatre, offers a new and thought-provoking experience of a masterpiece. Recorded in HighDefinition and true surround sound.

"Wilson’s production of Aida is one of his truly great creations - highly disciplined and utterly convincing...The Monnaie’s performance was superb...The outstanding cast had no weak links vocally." (Opera)

"...the Hungarian mezzo Ildiko Komlosi is a sensational Amneris, a singer of the highest calibre and a born tragédienne. The rest of the cast is equally outstanding… Verdi’s score acquired a chamber-music quality and the subtle instrumental details were lovingly underlined. A stunning production, not to be missed." (The Bulletin)

"...Monnaie orchestra was in tip-top rip-roaring form, brass firm focussed and cutting edge, woodwind, specially the flutes, longbreathed and luminous, strings reaching to top and bottom of their ranges with exemplary certainty and clarity." (Opera)

"Amneris is sung by the rivetingly powerful Hungarian mezzo Ildiko Komlosi...Norma Fantini’s vibrant emotionally confused Aidais sheathed in white…Mr Wilson...creates a sense of visual calm and continuum that has you looking at the stage as you might contemplate a painting...Under his subtle, emotionally taut direction, the singers, chorus and orchestra sounded magnificent." (The Wall Street Journal)

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