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Mikhail Vysotsky and the Gypsies of Moscow

Mikhail Vysotsky and the Gypsies of Moscow


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1 As Behind the Dear River, for Guitar
2 Shall I Come Forth to the River, Folk Song
3 A Dove Flew to the Valley, for Voice & Piano
4 You Maidens and Beauties, for Voice & Piano
5 The Gypsies Were Traveling, Song
6 We Live in the Fields, Song
7 The Flowers Have Faded, for Guitar
8 The Red Sarafan, Waltz Arrangement for Ensemble (After Vysotsky)
9 Variations for Guitar on Alyabyev's Song 'The Nightingale'
10 Krasnïy Sarafan (The Red Sarafan), for Voice & Piano
11 The Nightingale (Salaviei), for Voice & Piano
12 I Love the Pear from the Orchard, for Guitar
13 Don't You Wake Her at Dawn, for Voice & Piano
14 Barynya (The Landlady)
15 Remember, My Beloved, Folk Song
16 How Did I Upset You?, Folk Song Setting for 2 Guitars (After Semion Aksionov)
17 Gypsy Song ('Old Husband, Fearsome Husband...'), for Voice & Piano
18 Oh, It Hurts / I Walked Over the Flowers / Don't Walk By My Orchard, Medley for Ensemble

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