10 CD Promotion

Enough email readers have checked in to make it a good idea to post something about our price promotion of the recent 10 CD boxed sets. 

We did a detailed description in one email, but now we're posting it on the site so everyone can understand. The pricing is correct, but the accurate prices appear for these items in the checkout page, not in the cart. 

The advertised $17.25 price is in fact correct, but many customers think this is the price and THEN the automatic 25% discount kicks in. In this case, the $17.25 price point is the price AFTER the 25% discount. We priced these sets so that you could get to the discount faster - that is, if we had priced the boxes at $19.99, you would have to have purchased 3 sets in order to get the discount. Now you only have to buy 2, and when you buy 2, the prices on the sets go from $22 to $17.25. 

Just in case, let's run down the math and how we tried to make it work for our customers. Let's say we had priced the items at $19.99 each. You would have to buy 3 to get the automatic discount. The gross total would have been $59.99, and after discount the price would be $44.97. The boxes would be cheaper, but we'd have to charge you for shipping, which is $8 at that price point, so you'd pay $53. 

At the $22 price point, if you bought 3, you'd pay $51.97 after the discount, and the shipping would be free. So essentially we're charging about the same amount. 

Now, if you wanted to buy 4 or more...well, send us an email and we'll work something out. 



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